As a student, good results at university is key for your future career. There are a plethora of tips on how to optimise your studies online. Tips on how to prepare for exams, how to perform optimally during your exams, how to improve your retention whilst studying. The tips can vary much in usefulness, but I am here today to give you one of the most important tips on studying anyone could give you. If you make sure to exercise, you will benefit greatly from it and improve your results at university – you will, in fact, benefit from it in life in general.

shutterstock_255001651Why exercising helps

Exercise helps people to think better. People have often testified that thoughts and ideas would come to them during or shortly after exercise. The reason for this is that exercise makes the blood in our veins pump faster, which results in an increased amount of oxygen being dispersed throughout the body. In turn, oxygen levels will also increase in your brain, which means improved cognitive performance. In other words, if you exercise a bit before sitting down to study, it will increase your performance. As mentioned, there are many ways to increase your performance and improve yourself, and many great tips can be found on

General health boost is beneficial

So there is an immediate beneficial improvement in your brain function following exercise. However, that is not all. There are of course also long term benefits connected to exercising, and these shouldn’t be underestimated – especially if combined with a healthy diet. It can improve your health and significantly increases your energy levels, and increased energy levels mean increased productivity while studying. Exercise and diet are important when it comes to general blood flow, but also maintaining a stable blood sugar level, and the level of your blood sugar impacts your general energy level a lot. In short, for better grades, exercise might just be the key.