Gynecologic oncology

gynecologic-surgery-and-specialistsGynecologic oncologists specialize in women’s cancers including cervical, uterine, ovarian and vaginal cancer. These specialists manage the treatment, coordination and follow up procedures such as radiation and chemotherapy. Hysterectomies are also within their scope. These specialists are well trained and exist worldwide to assist women in getting over this horrendous disease. Support is available at all stages of the process and make women feel more at ease and will be offered.

Urogynecology and reconstructive pelvic surgery

Urogynecologists and their teams do not deal with cancer but rather pelvic conditions including urinary and fecal issues, pelvic organ issues and vaginal anomalies, and any and all defects of the uterus. These specialists are well trained after over 8 years of training.

Gynecology surgery

Gynecologists are often trained to perform noninvasive or minimally invasive gynecologic surgery designed for women with noncancerous gynecologic conditions that may include heavy or irregular periods, reoccurring pelvic pain, as well as recurrent pregnancy loss. Short and light incisions allow surgeons to resolve these issues. These surgeries require less follow up, less hospital time, and less scarring. The procedures to resolve these issues may include CO2 laser treatments, cervical loop electrode excision procedures (LEEP) in addition diagnostic hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, endometrial ablation, operative hysteroscopy and vulvar vestibulectomy.

Surgeries may be done for a variety of reasons but women should ensure that they seek a specialist to perform these operations. Women should be aware that these surgeries offer many benefits including less scarring and less permanent impacts. There are clinics and specialists across the world, and thus it is important to do one’s research before selecting a facility and a specialist. Women with these issues deserve proper care and have the right to access specialists and to answer all of the questions they may have or that may arise pertaining their geological and reproductive health.