exercise-while-pregnantExercise is an important part of any and all lifestyle, especially for those who are pregnant. Regular exercise helps improve energy levels and posture, as well as decrease common discomforts and negative side effects associated with pregnancy such as backache, sickness and fatigue. It helps prevent diabetes and illness to you and your baby.

For those who are and were active prior to pregnancy, continuing a regular routine should be possible, given that you consult a physician. Modifications may be necessary in terms of workout duration and weight lifted. Level of exercise is to be approved by doctors. High impact activities should be avoided and low impact aerobics are highly recommended. Do not let your heart rate exceed 140 beats per minute. Athletes will require closer attention.

If pregnancy is what has opened the door to exercise for you, it is a great time to start. An exercise program can be designed to meet your and your baby’s needs. Consulting a physician is crucial before any and all exercise. Walking and swimming are a great way to get your feet, literally, off the ground and to get active. 30 minutes a day is perfect, and if every day is not feasible, try for at least 3 days a week.

Emphasis should be placed on the need to consult a doctor before starting any exercise while pregnant. Any medical condition or history may impact the level of exercise that can be done. High risk pregnancies are also touchy when it comes to being physical. Stress should not be put unnecessarily on the body and joints and back should be taken care of. Eating and diet are also important because they go hand in hand with exercise and help maximize the benefits. The two together will ensure that you and your baby are both happy and healthy.